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After struggling for months to climb the corporate ladder, I realized that there were some problems with my resume. I just wasn't as qualified as some of the other applicants, so I started to focus on my education. I worked hard to find a program that accepted people like me, and within a few short months I was able to find an incredible school that accepted people who had my qualifications. This blog is all about choosing a better career path and paving your own way--even if you are new to your field. Check out this blog for great information on being what you want to be.

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3 Tips For Securing An Aviation Scholarship

Becoming a pilot can be an exciting and unique way to earn a living. In order to fly an aircraft, you need to complete a training program that teaches you how to navigate the skies safely. These training programs can be quite costly, so many students search for scholarship funds that can help offset the cost of their pilot education.

If you are hoping to secure an aviation scholarship, here are three tips that you can use to find the funding you need to complete your training and start flying professionally.

1. Find a small airport and ask about scholarship opportunities.

Many of the small airports that operate within municipal city limits can serve as great resources when it comes to locating funds for your pilot training. Paying a quick visit to one of the smaller airports in your area will allow you to ask the employees on-staff there if they know of any local scholarships you can apply for.

In addition to securing scholarship money, you may also be able to inquire about internship opportunities and create valuable networking contacts that you can utilize throughout the course of your training.

2. Identify the characteristics that make you unique.

There are a lot of different organizations that offer money to students hoping to obtain their commercial pilot license. In order to qualify for these specialty scholarships, you must meet certain criteria.

Taking the time to make a list of the characteristics that make you unique will allow you to start searching for aviation scholarships you will qualify for. Characteristics like your gender, your parents' financial status, your heritage, and your current education level should be included on your list.

3. Rely on your aviation school for assistance.

The staff and faculty at an aviation school often understand the financial challenges associated with completing a pilot training program, and these individuals can serve as valuable resources when it comes to finding scholarships that will help you fund your education.

Pay a visit to your school's financial counselor and ask about scholarship opportunities through the school itself. The financial counselor will also be able to direct you to other scholarship opportunities that you can utilize to help pay for the completion of your flight training program.

When you are able to locate aviation scholarship money that will help you fund your pilot training, obtaining a commercial pilot license becomes a more feasible endeavor.