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Three Discoveries Your Preschool Child Care Teacher May Make While Observing Your Child

Some of the most unbelievable discoveries made in a preschool child care program are not always the ones made by your children. In fact, if you have been a stay-at-home parent for some time and you are just now enrolling your children in preschool, you may be surprised by some things your preschool teachers observe with regards to your children. These surprising observations made by these professionals are not meant to upset you, but to help you and your child get extra help. Here are three discoveries preschool child care teachers may make about your child when they observe him or her for the first time.

Your Child Has Periods of "Absent Staring"

While it is normal for many kids and adults to stare off into space and daydream, it is not normal for kids to stare off into space and be completely unresponsive during these events. If your child's teacher suggests that it might be a good idea to have your child tested for epilepsy, it is because your child's teacher has noticed these periods of "absent staring" where your child does not respond to his/her name, does not respond to fingers snapping or hands clapping right in front of his/her face and does not respond to touch either. Only a neurologist can tell for sure, but if your child does have epilepsy, it is good that your child's teacher noticed it and said something so your child could get treatment right away.

Your Child Absolutely Cannot Sit Down, Sit Still, or Focus in an Age-Appropriate Manner

Young children are full of energy and they do have shorter attention spans than adults. However, any child that cannot sit still or sit down at all for more than a couple seconds and cannot focus on anything no matter how much he/she enjoys the activity may have ADHD. Continued classroom observations and documentations are necessary, since many therapists will not be quick to apply that label to a child or prescribe some serious medication to a preschooler. Ongoing observations and behavioral modifications in the classroom and at home should help, and if they do not, you may want to revisit an ADHD assessment as your child heads into elementary school.

Your Child's Development Is Delayed

Because you have spent such a large portion of time at home with your child, you may not think that his or her rocking behavior, hand-flapping, chewing or arranging things in a particular manner is out of the ordinary. For you, and for your child, this is normal behavior, but for the child's development, it is not. It shows that your child may be behind his or her peers developmentally, and when combined with other signs, such as an inability to speak or a very limited vocabulary, your child may have an autism spectrum disorder, cognitive disorder, or neurological delay/disorder. You can take the teacher's assessment at face value, but you should also have a medical professional conduct a full screening.

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