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Tips That Will Help You Master CPR Skills That Are Necessary In Order To Become Certified

If you were recently hired to work in a daycare facility and are required to take CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) classes, the following tips will help you master each skill that you are presented with. As a result, you will remain confident and composed when it is time to be tested and may find that you are able to pass with ease.

Create Flashcards With The Notes That You Have Taken

Highlight key points in the notes that you have written down during each CPR class. When you are at home, transfer the information to flashcards. Write a question on the front of each card and the answer on the other side. Ask a friend to quiz you by reading each question. Write down your answers during this process. Once finished, go over the questions and answers and pay close attention to any incorrect responses that you have provided.

Practice viewing the flashcards when you are alone, as well. After studying the cards many times, you will retain the information that is written on them and may find that you are able to answer more or all of the questions correctly the next time that you are quizzed. 

Practice Techniques With A Doll And Family Member

Use a doll to practice the moves that you have been taught. If a family member is certified to perform CPR, have them watch you and allow them to give you pointers if they find that any of the steps that you have taken are not correct. They may also be willing to demonstrate the proper way to complete CPR to help you. Your family member can also assist with acting out emergency scenarios with you in which CPR may be necessary. They can time your responses and determine if you have acted in an efficient manner.

Watch Videos That Demonstrate The Proper Steps

Watch CPR videos online or rent some from a library. By watching videos during your leisure time, you can master the skills that your instructor presented and become comfortable performing them. If you prefer, practice the steps along with the video on the doll that you used previously. Performing CPR simultaneously with a video will help you further improve each movement that is required. 

Once you utilize all of the tips on a consistent basis, you will be prepared to take the final test in order to receive your certification. After you pass the test, you will be ready to handle an emergency situation if you are ever faced with one while at work. For more information on getting CPR certified, check out a company like American Heart Association - AED $40 CPR LLC - Certification Training Classes.